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1-Jul-13 District 1260 Induction dinner Memb / Partners 28/hd   St Albans
1-Jul-13 Hannah Gray Dpty Director   June Huthert Averill Time Bank Project [North Herts CVS]
8-Jul-13 Mr Warrick Wiggen Council Meeting Arthur Jarman The Dreadnoughts
15-Jul-13   Business Meeting Paul Jeffery  
22-Jul-13 Mr Stuart Philip-ChExec NHDC   Tony Silver "A Town in Scotland"
29-Jul-13 Bernard Drummond   David Walker Memoirs of an Evacuee
5-Aug-13 President messing about on river! Partners DAY event Val Aitken Midday Canal trip 12pm @ Pitstone Wharf
12-Aug-13 Mr Frank Spary   Julian Bedingfield Reminisce of  "A Boy in Letchworth"
19-Aug-13 Neil Biting Council Meeting John Bush  Sports Injuries.    Birthday.-K Dew
26-Aug-13 No Meeting - Bank Holiday      
2-Sep-13   Business Meeting Francis Callis  
9-Sep-13 Fr Darren Collins Partners Mike Coleman From Plumber to Priest
16-Sep-13 Vicky Axell - Heritage Museum Partners Alan Fraser Letchworth Gardens
23-Sep-13 Peter Hodges   Colin Green "The Letchworth Writers" Group
30-Sep-13 Dr Nigel Agar Council Meeting David Glanville National Service
7-Oct-13 GSE Meeting at Stev. Grange Partners   Cromwell Hotel, Old Stevenage 7.30 for 8
14-Oct-13   Business Meeting Nancy Gwinyai  
21-Oct-13 No meeting. See below      
23-Oct-13 RiCC Joint Dinner Partners & RiCC clubs   Novotel - Stevenage
26-Oct-13 Poppy Day appeal  Volunteers   RBL at Sainsburys 10-4
28-Oct-13 No Speaker   June Huthert-Averill  
4-Nov-13 Sue Ross   Arthur Jarman "Lifegetta, coping with sudden change"
11-Nov-13 Dr Mervyn Miller Partners + TBA Paul Jeffery "Lest we should forget"  Architecture of  War Memorials.
18-Nov-13 Gwynneth Grimwood Council Meeting Tony Silver Mercy Ships
25-Nov-13   Business Meeting David Walker  
2-Dec-13 Liam De Roe   Val Aitken Macmillan Cancer Support
9-Dec-13 No Meeting - (12th)      
12-Dec-13 The Nutcracker Opera ROH Partners Val in charge ! 17.45 for 18.00 @ Broadway >> Cinema
16-Dec-13 Christmas Dinner LGC & IW, Partners Menu selections returned no later than 4th December to President LH. Broadway Hotel 6:45 for 7:15.
6-Jan-14 General Quiz Council meeting Julian Bedingfield  
10-Jan-14 Inner Wheel 90th celebration IW & LH & Partners JaneBewell Lunch 12:00 for 12:30
13-Jan-14   Business Meeting Francis Callis  
20-Jan-14 Rtn Roger Thompson (LGC)   Mike Coleman Food Banks
27-Jan-14 Tour of IndoChina Partners Alan Fraser President Keith
3-Feb-14 Mr Geoffrey Crittenden   David Glanville Transports of Delight
10-Feb-14 Triangular Quiz Partners, LGC, IW Colin Green  
17-Feb-14 Mr Sid Edwards Council Meeting Nancy Gwinyai The Falklands Campaign- the untold story
24-Feb-14   Business Meeting June Huthert-Averill Chaired by VP
3-Mar-14 Welcome to 1260 by Stevenage Partners   Novotel 6:15 for 6:30. inc Wine Tasting
7-Mar-14 Bridge Drive @ The Settlement   Alan Fraser  
10-Mar-14 Ms Mary Patrick   Tony Silver  "The Kasiisi Project". Chaired by VP
17-Mar-14 Michael Underwood   David Walker Fifty years of making conversation
24-Mar-14 Chris Waghorn L/W writers Gp Council Meeting Val Aitken "Poetic License"
31-Mar-14   Business Meeting Julian Bedingfield  
5-Apr-14 Partners Quiz Partners & guests Keith Dew TBA
7-Apr-14   Special Business Meeting Francis Callis Membership/Recruitment
14-Apr-14 Denise Amos - Rotary Tilehouse   Mike Coleman RYLA
21-Apr-14 No meeting - Easter monday      
28-Apr-14 Speaker Partners Alan Fraser  
5-May-14 No Meeting - Early May BH      
12-May-14   A.G.M. David Glanville  
19-May-14 Sarah Owen (nee Bedingfield) Partners Colin Green Diamonds !!!
26-May-14 No Meeting - Spring BH      
2-Jun-14   Club Assembly Nancy Gwinyai  
9-Jun-14 Albert Clack Partners June Huthert-Averill WW2 experiences of his father
16-Jun-14   Business Meeting Arthur Jarman  
23-Jun-14 Maria Iredale   Paul Jeffery "A Surprise!"
30-Jun-14 Handover Partners / Guests Tony Silver  
7-Jul-14 Peter Spreakley Council Meeting Francis Callis Epilepsy
14-Jul-14   Business Meeting Val Aitken  
21-Jul-14 Speaker   June Huthert-Averill  
28-Jul-14 Anne Crook   Julian Bedingfield The Hitchin Thespians
04-Aug-14 Social Meeting   John Bush  
11-Aug-14 Scatter Meeting   David Walker  
18-Aug-14 Social Meeting   Francis Callis  
25-Aug-14 No Meeting - Bank Holiday      
1-Sept-14 Conversation Council Meeting Mike Coleman  
8-Sep-14   Business meeting Keith Dew  
15-Sep-14 David White   Alan Fraser The Willow Foundation
22-Sep-14   Light Business meeting June Huthert-Averill  
29-Sep-14     Colin Green  
6-Oct-14 Wilbury Community Forum   Nancy Gwinyai Sensory Garden Project
13-Oct-14 David Glanville   Tony Silver Slides on Patagonia
20-Oct-14 RICC Annual Dinner     Novotel Hotel in Stevenage. 7 for 7:30
27-Oct-14 Ms Fazilet Hadi   Colin Green The RNIB
3-Nov-14 Conversation Council Meeting David Glanville  
8-Nov-14 Poppy Collection   David Glanville Sainsburys Letchworth
8-Nov-14 Race Night [Saturday] Inner Wheel & Partners Colin Green The Guide Hall, Letchworth. 18:30 for 19:00
10-Nov-14 Dawn & Paul Partners David Walker Sand Dams Project Talk & Film
17-Nov-14   Business meeting June Huthert-Averill  
18-Nov-14 Funeral of Keith Dew     14:00
24-Nov-14 Bruce Carr   Julian Bedingfield REMAP
1-Dec-14 Speaker   John Bush  
8-Dec-14   Special General Meeting Francis Callis  
15-Dec-14 Christmas Dinner Tri Club & partners   7pm at Broadway Hotel
22-Dec-14 No Meeting      
29-Dec-14 No Meeting      
5-Jan-15 Conversation Partners & Council Mike Coleman Partners invited to all meetings henceforth
19-Jan-15   Business meeting Alan Fraser  
2-Feb-15 No Meeting      
4-Feb-15 Triangular Quiz      
16-Feb-15 Rtn Bob Hemmings (Baldock)   David Glanville Fly Fishing
2-Mar-15 Conversation Council Colin Green  
6-Mar-15 Bridge Tournament      
16-Mar-15 Speaker Visitor from Luton Chiltern Nancy Gwinyai  
21-Mar-15 Partners Quiz      
30-Mar-15   Business meeting June Huthert-Averill  
6-Apr-15 No Meeting     Bank Holiday
20-Apr-15   AGM Paul Jeffery  
4-May-15 No Meeting     Bank Holiday
16-May-15   District Assembly Tony Silver  
18-May-15 Mary Fenton Council Meeting David Walker Spinal Muscular Atrophy Support
1-Jun-15   Club Assembly Julian Bedingfield  
15-Jun-15   Business meeting Val Aitken  
29-Jun-15   Handover meeting John Bush  
6-Jul-15 Rtn Jenny Muir IPDG   Francis Callis  
20-Jul-15 Speaker   Mike Coleman  
3-Aug-15 Rtn Paul Jeffery   Alan Fraser Radar, Primary and Secondary
17-Aug-15 Conversation Council Meeting Colin Green  
31-Aug-15 No Meeting     Bank Holiday
7-Sep-15   Business Meeting David Glanville  
21-Sep-15 Mike Underwood Gen Governor   Nancy Gwinyai LGDHF on Sustainability
5-Oct-15 Rtn Roger Sharp   June Huthert-Averill Humor in the Police Force
10-Oct-15 Trip to The Swiss Garden Old Warden June Huthert-Averill Meet in the Hare & Hounds 12 for 12:30
19-Oct-15 Rtn Roger Pepworth (Dunstable)   Paul Jeffery "Tales out of School"
2-Nov-15 Conversation   Angela Silver Rtn Ali RC-Trinadad
7-Nov-15 Poppy Day appeal  Volunteers David Glanville RBL at Sainsburys 9-4
7-Nov-15 Race Night   Colin Green  
16-Nov-15 Paul Wallace - Davids Books Council Meeting Tony Silver Gloom & Doom !
30-Nov-15 Craig Fisher   David Walker Exciting topic !
7-Dec-15   Special & Business Mtg Val Aitken  
14-Dec-15 Christmas Dinner Letchworth Clubs & IW   Broadway Hotel 6:45 for 7:15
21-Dec-15 No Meeting
4-Jan-16 Speaker   Julian Bedingfield Rusty Gun PH. SG4 7PG, normal times
18-Jan-16 Presidential Handover Mtg Council meeting Paul Jeffery  
1-Feb-16 No Meeting      
2-Feb-16 Triangular Quiz Partners, LGC, IW Inner Wheel Broadway Hotel 6:15 for 6:45
5-Feb-16 Race Night & Supper   President Guides Hall, Letchworth 6:45 for 7:00
15-Feb-16   Business Meeting John Bush
26-Feb-16 Bridge Drive @ The Settlement Alan Fraser TBC
29-Feb-16 Joan Mills   Francis Callis Pardon ?
7-Mar-16 Conversation   Mike Coleman  
16-Mar-16 District Council meeting      
19-Mar-16 Partners Quiz   Karen Green St Georges Hall, LGC
21-Mar-16 Speaker from Ltn Chiltern   Alan Fraser Visit by Luton Chiltern
4-Apr-16 Jo Meak Council Meeting David Glanville  
18-Apr-16   AGM & Business meeting Nancy Gwinyai  
2-May-16 No Meeting      
7-May-16 District Assembly      
9-May-16 Conversation   June Huther-Averill  
16-May-16 Jason Valentine   Arthur Jarman Going to the Pictures
30-May-16 No Meeting      
6-Jun-16   Club Assembly Paul Jeffery  
20-Jun-16 Peter Hawkins Council Meeting Tony Silver Are you being served ?
4-Jul-16   Business Meeting Angela Silver  
18-Jul-16 Laura Dennis   David Walker Broadway Studio and the Gallery
1-Aug-16 Conversation   Val Aitken  
15-Aug-16   Scatter to Meetings    
29-Aug-16 No Meeting      

Rtn Charudutta Panigrahi

  Julian Bedingfield Econimic development in India
19-Sep-16   Business Meeting John Bush  
3-Oct-16 Edward Asquith   Francis Callis In Full Flight
17-Oct-16 Bob Thurlby   Mike Coleman Do we have the energy ?
31-Oct-16 Mary's Meals Presentation Open Meeting Angela & Tony  
7-Nov-16 Speaker Council Meeting Alan Fraser  
21-Nov-16 Julie New   David Glanville Flower Power
5-Dec-16   Business/Special Meeting Nancy Gwinyai  
12-Dec-16 Joint Christmas Dinner   President Broadway Hotel
19-Dec-16 Presidents at Home      
2-Jan-17 No Meeting      
9-Jan-17 Rtn Rosemary Cooper (Hatfield) Induction  2 new members June Huthert-Averill 20yrs Superintendent Registrar at St Albans
13-Jan-17 Childrens Panto Outing   David Glanville  
16-Jan-17 Fundraising Brain Storming Council Meeting Arthur Jarman  
27-Jan-17 Race Night   President 18:45 @ Letchworth Guide Hall
30-Jan-17   Business Meeting Paul Jeffery  
6-Feb-17 Triangular Quiz   David Walker Broadway Hotel
20-Feb-17 Georgia Clark   Val Aitken Macmillan Cancer support
3-Mar-17 Bridge Drive     The Settlement
6-Mar-17 Club Topic TBA AG - J Hammond visiting Julian Bedingfield  
20-Mar-17 Rtn Brenda Lowe John Bush Pursuit of Peace
3-Apr-17 Humphrey Pickering Council Meeting Francis Callis "Where did the Water go?"
17-Apr-17 No Meeting   Mike Coleman Easter Monday
24-Apr-17   AGM & Business Meeting Alan Fraser  
1-May-17 No Meeting     May Day Bank Holiday
8-May-17   Council Meeting David Glanville  
15-May-17 Sue Scott Davidson   Nancy Gwinyai Miracle on Broadway
20-May-17 Partners Quiz   Karen Green St Georges Hall
29-May-17 No Meeting     Spring Bank Holiday
5-Jun-17 Club Assembly   David Glanville  
19-Jun-17 Tony Crilly   June Huthert-Averill Mathematical Magic
3-Jul-17 Garden Party Rotary Club Handover   Angela & Tony's Home 18:30
17-Jul-17 Rtn Arthur Jarman Council Meeting Paul Jeffery Intrepid Adventures in N W America
31-Jul-17 Vocational(s)   Chris Rawlins  
7-Aug-17   Business Meeting Mary Rawlins  
21-Aug-17 Social event     Car Rally
28-Aug-17 No Meeting     Bank Holiday
4-Sep-17 Club Topic TBA   Angela Silver  
18-Sep-17 Lara Norris   Tony Silver Homestart
2-Oct-17 Philip Sayers Council Meeting David Walker London Villages
16-Oct-17   Business Meeting President  
30-Oct-17 Club Topic   Paul Jeffery  
6-Nov-17 Kirsten Chapman   John Bush Baldocks Beautiful Butchers
16-Nov-17 DARTS CHALLENGE     17:00 arr to setup
20-Nov-17 Paul Wallace (Davids Bookshop)   Francis Callis A Book for Christmas
4-Dec-17 Special General Meeting Business Mike Coleman Discussion re Dinner
11-Dec-17 Joint Christmas Dinner   President (Howard) Broadway Hotel
17-Dec-17 Presidents' Invitation TBA    
18-Dec-17 No Meeting      
25-Dec-17 No Meeting Happy Christmas To ALL
1-Jan-18 No meeting Happy New Year
8-Jan-18 Club Topic TBA   Alan Fraser  
15-Jan-18 Speaker Council Meeting Paul Jeffery  
29-Jan-18   Business Meeting Nancy Gwinyai  
5-Feb-18 Tori Pearson from 'Gifted'   June Huthert-Averill  
19-Feb-18 Club Topic TBA   Chris Rawlins  
5-Mar-18 No Meeting     Replaced by Quiz 2 days later
7-Mar-18 Triangular Quiz      
19-Mar-18 Arthur Creighton Council Meeting Angela Silver air-to-air refuelling of RAF fighter jets
23-Mar-18 Bridge Drive   Alan Fraser The Settlement
2-Apr-18 No Meeting     Easter monday
9-Apr-18 Social evening      
16-Apr-18 Annual General Meeting Business meeting President  
21-Apr-18 Partners Quiz     St Georges Hall
30-Apr-18 David Davis   Tony Silver Aurora Borealis
7-May-18 No Meeting     Bank Holiday
14-May-18 Paul Switzer Council Meeting David Walker Thirty years in the Met
19-May-18   District Assembly    
21-May-18   Business Meeting John Bush  
28-May-18 No Meeting     Bank Holiday
4-Jun-18 Club Assembly Assembly President  
16/17-Jun   District Conference   Hatfield
18-Jun-18 Nigel Baker (Barrister)   Francis Callis "A case to answer"
26-Jun-18 Club Garden Party Handover Mr & Mrs Green Arr 7-7:30.   Presentations
30-Jun-18 Armed Forces Day - L/worth   Colin Green Cancelled
2-Jul-18 No Meeting      
16-Jul-18 Speaker Council Meeting Mike Coleman New DG visiting
30-Jul-18 Scatter Meeting      
6-Aug-18   Business Meeting Alan Fraser  
20-Aug-18 Car Rally      
3-Sep-18 Conversation   David Glanville This years holidays
5-Sep-18   District Council Meeting   Tilsworth
17-Sep18 Dyspraxia   Nancy Gwinyai Eleanor Howes
1-Oct-18 Club Social   Tony Silver Netherton
6-Oct-18 Jazz Night with supper   Baldock Rotary Knights Templar School
15-Oct-18 Rtn Rob Hemmings (Baldock) Council Meeting Angela Silver Fly fishing
29-Oct-18 Conversation   Arthur jarman MEET AT 3 HORSESHOES, NORTON.
5-Nov-18 Film   Paul Jeffery 'Hertfordshire at War'
15-Nov-18 Darts Marathon     Broadway Hotel main hall
19-Nov-18   Business Meeting Chris Rawlins  
3-Dec-18 Conversation & Skittles ! Special General Meeting Mary Rawlins MEET AT THE BOWLS CLUB
10-Dec-18 Joint Christmas Dinner   Tony Silver Broadway Hotel
12-Dec-18 City Chorus Concert See Special Events Page   Free Church, Letchworth
17-Dec-18 President at Home   Tony Silver Netherton
31-Dec-18 No Meeting     New Years Eve
7-Jan-19 Conversation Council Meeting Angela Silver LGC Integration ? Christmas activities ?
21-Jan-19 Speaker   David Walker  
26-Jan-19 Race Night Harrison Gourmet Caterers Colin Green IC Letchworth Guide Hall 6:30 for 7pm
4-Feb-19 No Meeting      
5-Feb-19 Triangular Quiz   Inner Wheel  
18-Feb-19   Business Meeting Valerie Aitken  
28-Feb-19   District Council meeting    
4-Mar-19 Conversation   John Bush  
8-Mar-19 Bridge Drive      
18-Mar-19 Rtn Terry Brazier (LGC) Council Meeting Francis Callis Talk about Percy
30-Mar-19 Rotary Quiz     St Georges Hall, start 7:30pm
1-Apr-19 Rtn Alan Cunnington (Braunton)   Mike Coleman Polio Inoculation in India, ground view.
15-Apr-19   Business Meeting & AGM Alan Fraser  
27-Apr-19   District Assembly    
29-Apr-19 Rod Croseley   David Glanville Wimpole Hall & the National Trust
6-May-19 No Meeting     Bank Holiday
8-May-19   District Council    
13-May19 Conversation Council Meeting Colin Green Prospects for 19/20/Council
20-May-19   Club Assembly Nancy Gwinyai  
3-Jun-19 Peter Harkness Tour & Talk Meal @ 3 Hourseshoes   All Saints Church Willian
17-Jun-19   Business Meeting Angela Silver  
21-Jun-19   District Conference    
1-Jul-19   Handover / Presentations June Huthert-Averill Hosted by Colin & Karen
15-Jul-19 Beth Coggon-Lennox   Arthur Jarman Modern Slavery
29-Jul-19 Mary Whitehead DG Council Meeting Paul Jeffery  
5-Aug-19   Business Meeting Christopher Rawlins  
19-Aug-19 Car Treasure Hunt     Organiser D Glanville 6:15 start
2-Sep-19 WW2 Event @ Guide Hall   David Walker Organiser D Harrison 6:45 for 7 SHARP
4-Sep-19   District Council Meeting   19:30 at Tilsworth Golf Centre
16-Sep-19 Karen Olden Council Meeting (TBC) Val Aitken CLIC Sargent Charity, cancer in the young
30-Sep-19 Richard Harbon   John Bush Afghanistan
7-Oct-19 Don Dowling   Francis Callis A funny thing happened on the way to church
21-Oct-19 Special General Meeting Business Meeting Mike Coleman  
4-Nov-19 Rod Crossley   Alan Fraser Wimpole Hall & The National Trust
14-Nov-19 Charity Darts Challenge   Alan Fraser Broadway Hotel
18-Nov-19 Keith Entwisle Council Meeting (TBC) David Glanville REACT
27-Nov-19 Choral Concert      
2-Dec-19 Joint Christmas Dinner   President Broadway 6:45 for 7:15
16-Dec-19 Skittles at the Bowls Club   Nancy Gwinyai Organiser D Harrison
6-Jan-20 Conversation   Arthur Jarman Topic: Best Holiday Experience
20-Jan-20 Club Scatter evening     To Stevenage Grange Club Cromwell Hotel
3-Feb-20 A & T Silver Council Meeting (TBC) Paul Jeffery Life in New Zealand
17-Feb-20   Business Meeting Christopher Rawlins  
29-Feb-20   District Conference   Rothamstead, Harpenden
2-Mar-20 Triangular Event   President  
13-Mar-20 Bridge Drive     Organiser: Alan Fraser
16-Mar-20 Lyndsay & Anne   Tony Silver Hinge & Bracket
21-Mar-20 Quiz Night CANCELLED    
30-Mar-20 John Hopley CANCELLED David Walker Radiation Detection
4-Apr-20 International Supper CANCELLED Inner Wheel  
6-Apr-20 Council Meeting (TBC) CANCELLED Val Aitken Topic: The best health tip i would give
20-Apr-20 AGM/Business Meeting CANCELLED John Bush  
4-May-20 Terry Brazier & Lois Veale CANCELLED Francis Callis The Philip Veale Children's Centre
26-May-20 Council Meeting ZOOM meeting 11:00 Angela Silver  
1-Jun-20 Club Assembly ZOOM meeting 11:00 Arthur Jarman  
22-Jun-20 Business Meeting ZOOM meeting 18:00 Colin Green  
29-Jun-20 Presidential Handover   Colin Green  





Club Assembly



Global Scholar Alison Cox

Angela Silver

in pursuit of a Masters degree in Migration and Diaspora Studies


Colin Green

Val Aitken

Canada - Chapter 2


Scatter Evening



Handover evening

John Bush

18-Jul-22 David Earle   Alan Fraser  
1-Aug-22   Business Meeting David Glanville  
15-Aug-22   Car Treasure Hunt   meet at The Arena Parade Car Park for 6pm
5-Sep-22 Conversation Evening Chaired by Paul Nancy Gwinya President in Canada
7-Sep-22   Collection for EHAA. Paul Jeffery Morrisons, Letchworth
19-Sep-22 Anthony Wakeman - Cancelled     Queens Funeral
3-Oct-22 Dr Ray Munden   Malcolm King Largest country you haven't heard of Kazakstan
17-Oct-22 Suzanne Boon   Linda King Navigating the special needs of the Education System
31-Oct-22 Mrs Joan Munden   Angela Silver  Nadine - Her Story in Special Ops Exec
7-Nov-22 Business Meeting Francis Callis
20-Nov-22 EH Air Ambulance Collection   Paul Jeffery Collection at Morrisons 09:00-15:00 CANC
21-Nov-22 Conversation Evening   Dawn Jeffery  
5-Dec-22 Joint Christmas Dinner +IW   President Including Marys Meals Film
9-Dec-22 The Dankworth Family
Christmas Show
Club outing Paul Jeffery The Stables - Wavendon
19-Dec-22   Club Social David Walker at Presidents home
9-Jan-23 Presidents Choice   Francis Callis  
16-Jan-23 Anthony Wakeman   Arthur Jarman Life of a Civil Engineer
30-Jan-23 John Horton from Essex & Herts Air Ambulance   Paul Jeffery The latest update on the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust and their work.
6-Feb-23   Business Meeting Val Aitken  
20-Feb-23 Conversation Evening   John Bush  
6-Mar-23 Dr Karen Humm  Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine   Francis Callis Blood Donors
20-Mar-23 Colin Green   Alan Fraser Canada - Part two
3-Apr-23 Lyne Warren David Glanville Border Force
17-Apr-23   AGM & Business meeting Arthur Jarman  
8-May-23 No Meeting      
15-May-23   Club Assembly Paul Jeffery  
5-Jun-23 Angela Silver   Linda King Vocational??
19-Jun-23 Ann Lawrence   Malcolm King Counter Terrorism